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Postby danshelper » Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:00 pm

Miltha – John 1:1

I’ve come across explanations of the use of this Aramaic word in John 1:1 a few times, and find it enriching to ponder. The word Miltha, translated as “Word” in John 1:1 – In the beginning was the Word/Miltha – this word means so much more than just “word” or spoken word. The meaning of this Aramaic word is so much deeper than our English translations allow.

http://www.peshitta.org/bethgazza/Myste ... Miltha.htm

Not only is understanding this Aramaic word enriching, but the whole idea of the difficulty in communication between languages that is brought up in this article is very instructive. There is so much difference between our language and culture and that of the first followers. This article brings up that Paul’s letters were thrown out by the Ebionites who denied that Yahushua was YHWH, because they rejected the “force of the Aramaic” understanding.

There is a trail of rejecting Paul and rejecting the totality – the miltha - of YHWH in Yahushua.

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