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'No need to reply'

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'No need to reply'

Postby TWTY-Admin » Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:33 pm

To correspond with the recent posting on TWTY front page - No need to reply

Feel free to comment :)
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Re: 'No need to reply'

Postby sestir » Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:22 pm

Such messages have usually spelling errors but this one seems to have been written by an eloquent one. Just look at his technique! First, he seems to have sat down noting your characteristics and raisons d'être for this site: truth, ministry, competence in hebrew & greek and (good) judgement. Then, he tries to turn them against each other.

First, he sides with your judging personality and tries to turn it against you honesty and competence:
You wrote that you want to honestly seek the truth, but from what you put on your website, you are guilty of what you say others do. Almost everything you say is riddled with incorrect assertions, which show that you can read neither Hebrew nor Greek. Yet you put up your own “translation” which is nothing but nonsense.

Next, he hopes that you have become desperate enough to accept his trade: to take down the website in exchange for permission to feel honest again:
If you are truly honest, you will take down your foolishness, but if you are not, I will fully expect you to ignore my words.

So here you have a choice: take down or ignore. You did right who chose neither. Finally this anti-christ tries to establish an unconscious link between his suggestions and God's will:
For that reason there is no need to reply, but only do what is right before God.

And why not reply? Our thoughts move around in our minds along the paths they are used to. When you read his message you establish a path of his liking. If you formulate a reply, you will establish a new, stronger path in opposition. This is why we should always voice opposition to things we disagree with even if we hear them on TV and nobody else in the room is interested in our opinion.

I should not speculate on who might have written the message but sometimes things like that come from leaders in Christian congregations, who worry that it will be more challenging to preside over members who know what the bible actually says. We are in the middle of the blog-revolution and it seems to be something similar to the revolution caused by the printing press. The Way To Yahuweh is one of the most useful websites for furthering exact knowledge of God's will and your contribution to the wider community is greatly appreciated.

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