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Postby Adrian7 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:30 am

Dear brothers & sisters, I'm so grateful to Yah for leading me to this site, to share and have fellowship with you all. I'm relatively new to The Way to Yahuweh Forum, and so excited to be part of Yah's family. My name is Adrian, the only believer from a Jewish family. I currently reside in Indonesia and married to Mita the only believer from a moslem family. With the call of Yah, He has revealed so much truth within these end-times to and through us. We thank Him so much for His outpouring of love and guidance through Yahushua. I thank Yah for you all. Be blessed with much favour. HalleluYAH, HalleluYAHweh.
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Re: Shalom

Postby TWTY-Admin » Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:33 am

Hi Adrian, and thanks for posting :)

Hopefully more people will start joining and posting soon. I see a few people hobbling around as guests :)
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Re: Shalom

Postby Adrian7 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:39 am

The Way to Yahuweh and this forum are always within my prayers.


Re: Shalom

Postby BlessYahowah » Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:52 am

Welcome to TWTY forums, Adrian! What an incredible match you and wife are! May Yahuwah keep the two of you safe in Him. I can't wait to meet you both here, there, or in the air!

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Re: Shalom

Postby Theophilus » Fri May 20, 2011 6:19 pm

Shalom Adrian7,

And welcome to the forum and more importantly to Yah's family. What a remarkable transformation for both you and your spouse, not to mention the rest of us.

Blessings and much joy to you both,


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Re: Shalom

Postby Royce » Sat May 21, 2011 2:23 am

Hey there brother, good to hear how you and your wife have found the path of truth in this crazy world. I am new here as well but I like the feel of the place and will work on being around more and trying to get to know more of you. Have a great Sabbath my friend!

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Re: Shalom

Postby tagim » Sun May 22, 2011 4:59 am

Yes, welcome, indeed. Wheeeeh, we made it past the 21st. Now back to Yah and his Word.

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