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How good is free software

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How good is free software

Postby tagim » Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:23 pm

I know so many, like myself, will not be buying Logos, even though it is still at $179.00, from $79.00, and will be going up drastically. I have opted to downloading the free programs, like e-sword, TheOnlineBible, as for both my limited knowledge how to use Logos and lack of funds. If you know of any of these "free" programs, could you comment on their deficiencies when compared to Logos, as I understand that to be the premier program? Thank you.

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Re: How good is free software

Postby Rob » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:25 am

They are good in the sense that easy access to a commentary or concordance can help people get a taste that there is something more there. So I would say they are good for the simple fact that at least you can read some notes or see some history in there. Plus the commentaries are actually quite revealing... although they might not agree or even be correct in their point, the fact is they are thinking about it and you can really see that in some of the verses.

So free stuff is good, but Logo's is the best tool for full on translation and accuracy because of the wealth of information and the fact you can have the oldest known manuscripts right in front of you.

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Re: How good is free software

Postby TWTY-Admin » Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:27 pm

Yeah, the best thing about free "Bible" software, is that it's free.

No free software has the vast amount of resources that Logos has however. And the great thing about Logos is how practically every resource is linked to each other.

I can double click on a Greek or Hebrew word, and in the space of 5 seconds, I can have my favourite dictionaries and lexicons open (usually 6+ resources), and be reading them.

Can't get that with E-sword or The Word. And none of the free programmes have any of the transcriptions for instance, and I know of no free software that has the oldest known Greek NT manuscripts, which logos does.

The main thing about Logos is the price, but I can guarantee, that saving up for at least the Original Languages Suite will be worth it :)
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