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LOGOS DSS released!!!

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LOGOS DSS released!!!

Postby GldChow » Tue Mar 08, 2011 4:14 am

If you are a (bleeping #$%^0) nut like me about the QDSS I will tell you that the update from Logos has been worth the wait.

In 1965(6?) I was working as a micro-fiche photographer (my degree) on glass etched micro etched electron boards for control in our first micro controlled intercept called the "Red-Eye" missile. History, Oh, well!

I had a call from a History professor at Loma Linda University California that knew of my profession and asked if I would be interested in looking at some glass slides to prove and discern their historic authenticity. He had something that I had no knowledge of but he had real proof I was interested in.

The glass slides were at Claremont University (of Divinity) in Claremont California. I was introduced to to the director (sorry I can't remember - an older great chap) who was gathering all the information on the discovery of the scrolls that had been found in a 'cave' around the Dead Sea.

I offered an opinion that the slides were copies of the original 'pieces' of a very careful work of photography and could be reproduced in great detail.

To make a very long story very (ed) VERY short. . . NO ONE was interested!!! (except moi). etc. etc. etc.

OK Steve, or whoever wants to kick in here . . . I was hooked as I knew these slides were very real but I had now idea what they were!

I have a whole storehouse of information that I have collected since then and nothing is anything except the leftovers from the last 'EXPERT' on the DSS.

I have down loaded the LOGOS files on the QDSS and it is (pardon the pun from a very old farmer) "I'm in hog heaven!!!!! (you haven't lived till you slaughter your first hog).

I can't believe the detail and I have only been working with it for 3 hours. WOW! WOW!

If you have older versions of LOGOS update it before you order QDDS. It is very cheap and will save you the problems of changing your files. I have been with LOGOS since LOGOS(?) was and this time they have a winner for us Hebrew (and a few Greek) nuts. (sorry Steve).

Thank you for the time listing to 'MOI' have experienced 40+ years of waiting to see on my computer to YAHWEH knows 'moi'

Shalom, Pass over on the 19(?) OK?

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Re: LOGOS DSS released!!!

Postby Rob » Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:40 pm

That's such an amazing story! Thx for sharing haha - glad you got them finally! :D

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