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Postby robdavid » Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:50 pm

Hi I have been thinking about Taruwah and how I can celebrate it . I get a little frustrated with my family and local acquaintances, as they show a lack of interest. So I was thinking about setting up a table in my local village with a banner that says ‘Our God is Yahowah’ . I could also have sub headings beneath the main title like for instance. 1 ‘The Masorites took away the name Yahowah from his own scriptures’ 2 ‘Yahowah is written exactly 7000 times in scripture’ 3 ‘The Masorites said His name was not pronounceable, but buy using 3 vowel consonants the Yod the Hay and the Wah His wonderful name can be pronounced and should be pronounced. 4 ‘Yahowah is His name and Yahushua is His son‘.

I don’t think I should mention things like Christianity built on the sandy foundation of Galatians or That Muhammad was a thief and a terrible rogue or that Joseph Smith was a nutcase, or that religious Judaism is not in conformity with the teachings of Yahowah. As I don’t think I would live more than 5 min lol.

Only thing is I have not got a bugle or trumpet . I wonder if I could knock out a tune on a rams horn
If I could get hold of one lol. Any ideas? Getting people to blow on a horn in public could break ice and actually start a conversation. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Re: taruwah

Postby willbrinsonferguson » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:38 am

I think you got a good idea about the BANNER (YHWH is my Banner/Nissa/Rallying Point), but I think I would save all the sub-banner heading for personal conversations so that you do not come across as trying to over teach. Fine if you can get it all in in a conversation though.

If you can not get a RAMs Horn then shout out the Sacred Name (i.e. - YHWH is my Banner/Nissa). Some said that it was a Day of Shouting before traditions changed it over to a Day of Blowing triumphs. Who knows for sure but at least you'ld be doing something.

As for trying to get more people involved you will win more people with honey than vinegar so try not to offend them as then they are twice as hard to win over. So instead of teaching where everybody else went wrong just stick to what the Scriptures say is right. After winning them over then you can point out what they need do in order to come out of Babylon so to speak.

If you want to attract people have free cookies and something to drink. That always seems to get people to come over and maybe keep them there long enough to eat the cookies (always worked on me). Try not to over flood them with every thing all in one sitting. Start with what you are up to that day and why (have Scriptures book marked and ready to show them, and if they are interested share more. If you over share more than what they are ready for they will not come around the next Feast Day(s). So stay focused on what you are up to and try to have conversations more than delivering sermons.

My family does not celebrate the Scriptural Sacred Days and Feasts either so I know how you fell being the only one.

Hope you have a good Day of taruwah. And may you be instrumental in winning some over to YHWH, awmain.
YHWH bless thee and keep thee;
YHWH cause His face to shine on thee, and be gracious to thee;
YHWH lift up His face to thee, and give thee shalom.

Your brother in Y'hoshuah The Anointed One.

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Re: taruwah

Postby robdavid » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:30 am

I thank you Will. I really appreciate your very helpful comments and advice, I have took it all on board.
May you also have a happy Taruwah,



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Re: taruwah

Postby TWTY-Admin » Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:16 pm

Yes - it is incredibly frustrating when people show a lack of interest in all this, and trying other things to try and get them interested used to be on my agenda.

That was until, really, when it becams quite disheartening when no matter what was done, very little appeared to come of it.

I get more responses from people reading TWTY than trying to get something done out in public.

Although I'm a bit curious as to how this ties into celebrating Trumpets. Both Leviticus and Numbers have very little to say about it. We usually just basically have a meal in the evening.

No one here owns a Trumpet, a Bugle or a Rams Horn.

I'd love to have a Rams horn :D
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Re: taruwah

Postby robdavid » Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:09 pm

Hi Stephen thanks for the reply

Leviticus states that apart from a day of rest it is a memorial of blowing of trumpets, I assumed we had to do this in a literal sense. The next section intrigues me somewhat. 'And you shall approach and come near the adoptive Mother who enlightens and elevates unto Yahowah' (the Leviticus section is from Richards website BlessYahowah.com). Am I right in saying, we call or pray to the Set Apart Spirit while the assembly gather, to enlighten and elevate us. KJV says ' a memorial of blowing of trumpets an holy convocation' . So its seems the called out assembly are to blow trumpets as a memorial (a memorial to what)?. Has their been an occasion in the past when trumpets or horns where blown? and for what reason where they blown? The word memorial is a bit of a puzzle to me. Can anyone clarify? It appears to me that we should actually be doing something physical. This is a Yahowah ordained day of celebration. I would imagine in times past perhaps in Moshe's day the called out assembly would involve a great number of celebrants with a lot of horn blowing. We are few at this time and all scattered across the globe and probably cant envisage the atmosphere of such a wondrous event. Anyone got a time machine wow wow wow I know where I would be off this Taruw'ah. I am sure their is so much more to these verses than initially meets the eye. Could the blowing of trumpets relate to a harvest of souls? Me thinks their is substantial amount of food for thought in these verses from Leviticus.
Leviticus 23: 23-25
Again Yahowah spoke to Moseh, saying, "Speak to the sons of Yisra'el, saying, 'In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, shall be a solemn rest to you, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, a set-apart called-out assembly for reading and reciting on your behalf. You shall do none of the work of the heavenly messenger; and you shall approach and come near the adoptive Mother Who enlightens and elevates unto Yahowah.' "

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